Films inspired by Women’s History Month, October 23 2016


832be60abe3e0b8b1d1077d5745fe989The Burning Times

This documentary takes an in-depth look at the witch hunts that swept Europe just a few hundred years ago. False accusations and trials led to massive torture and burnings at the stake and ultimately to the destruction of an organic way of life. The film questions whether the widespread violence against women and the neglect of our environment today can be traced back to those times.


1990  The Burning TimesDonna Read, Director NFB, 56min.


Canadian Women’s History Shorts

This entertaining 3-minute video was developed to introduce school-age children to the story of the Famous 5 women, and can be used in classroom settings to kick off lessons or stimulate discussion.

Heritage Minutes by Historica Canada about 2 members of the Famous 5: Emily Murphy and Nellie McClung and Agnes McPhail the first female Member of Parliament of the Dominion of Canada.

88d2790cd1d5598286f8fca709eeccbbWomen on the March

This feature film in two parts is an exploration of the women’s suffrage movement. Spearheaded by women like Emmeline Pankhurst, founder of the Women’s Social and Political Union, the Suffragettes realized they would have to become radical and militant if the movement was going to be effective. There followed many demonstrations, and imprisonments until the women’s vote was finally granted, in 1918 (Britain) and 1919 (Canada, except Quebec.)

1958 Women on the March–Douglas Tunstell, Director (Documentary, NFB)  58mins.

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