Alberta Nye-Filmmaker


Alberta Nye has always been interested in photography and film.  Going to movies throughout her life led her to buying a cinema in 1991 on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia with her two sisters. Alberta was the projectionist and viewed each movie several times which  intensified her interest in the art of film.  In 1994 the sisters won ‘Best Promotion for a Canadian Film – English’ at the Show Canada National Conference.

From 1993 to 2000 she operated a small movie theatre on the Island of Lanai in Hawaii where she was not only the projectionist, but performed all of the duties associated with the theatre including cleaning up after the movies.

While in Hawaii Alberta was commissioned to create a calendar using her photographs of locals, which was a great success on the island. Some of her photos were used in a Maui newspaper’s special section on Lanai.

In 1998 after training at Maui Community College, Alberta, along with a friend Pineniece Joshua, made a 22 minute documentary titled One God, Many Faces which showed on Hawaii’s Akaku TV several times.

When she was 22 she died while giving birth to her first daughter. After this near death experience, she had no fear of death.

Following the death of her ex-husband in 2007, Alberta was inspired to create a documentary on dying called Smiling at Death: A Closer Look at Dying which premiered to a sell out crowd on Jan. 12, 2014 at the Bookshelf Cinema, Guelph, On, Canada.

Alberta originally intended that Margaret Hackman’s story be included in Smiling at Death: A Closer Look at Dying but she soon realized that Margaret’s story was a documentary unto itself which resulted in So I’m Dying . . . now what?

Alberta is now hard at work on her third film: Signs of Life. She is documenting stories of people who received signs from loved ones after they passed, to let them know they are still around.